What’s the Story?

The idea is simple! A Walking Tour Festival where we tell our stories to you.

GuideFest was planned as a weekend festival, 24 – 26th Oct., with walking tours delivered by professional guides all over Ireland. Usually you only see us working, now we want to tell you the stories.

Unfortuneately it had to be cancelled as a result of the second lockdown. It is now scheduled to return in 2021.

GuideFest is national festival of culture, heritage, history and diversity. This is a volunteer led initiate to contribute to the national wellbeing.

Approved Tourist Guides of Ireland (ATGI) are a professional association of registered and qualified tourist guides. We have members spread across the country delivering tours in over 20 languages.

All tours will be ticketed and are free of charge.

We deal in History, Heritage, Culture, Art, Food, Drink and Music. In these times we are rising to the challenge and turning to you, our fellow people. We want to tell you our stories that we know so well. We want to offer back diversion and entertainment, enjoyment in a safe way.

Find out the hidden history or your area, see your locality from a visitor’s perspective or discover something new about somewhere you thought you knew!

Join us in 2021 when we launch, your local ATGI guide is waiting and looking forward to meeting you!